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Philosophers Barn Mastering is an analogue audio mastering facility, housed in a natural environment, specialising in both naturally dynamic music and electronica. It has been run for the past decade by experienced producer and classical music engineer Eric James.

Philosophers Barn Mastering offers a combination of professional audio skills developed over many years with absolutely state of the art analogue and digital outboard audio equipment.

Our services will bring the very best out of any mix. Mastering will enhance textural clarity; add warmth; and create a tonal balance and a sense of space which can open up the finest musical detail.


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Mastering jazz, classical, electronica, world, blues and rock projects from Alaska to Australia:  

Berlin, Estonia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, London, Madrid, Malta Melbourne, Moscow, New York,

  Seattle, Sicily, Singapore, Spain, Slovenia, Texas, Ukraine and Vienna



Recent Clients/Projects:

Electronica Luke Abbott, Rollo Armstrong, Faithless, Richard Formby, Frost, Fujiya-Miyagi, James Holden, Holy Family, Leafcutter John, Neutrinos, Par Avion (Agrippa), Talvin Singh, Szun Waves

Female vocal: Dido (new album: Still on My Mind) - Sarah Brightman, Miriam Cauchi, Flaming June, MacGillivray, Rebecca Maze, Gitta de Ridder, Catherine Rudie

Classical: Alfred Brendel, Ergodos, Leslie Howard, The Lindsays, Malta Philharmonic, Deirdre Moynihan, Noord Nederlands Orkestra, Joan Sutherland

Jazz/world: Bill Anschell, Mark Cherrie Qt, Scott Flanigan Trio, Andreas Hellkvist, Mick Hutton, Katia Pesti, John Taylor Trio

Folk/acoustic: Dead Rat Orchestra, Paul Goodwin, Roving Crows, Dan Sumner, True Adventures, David Youngs

Alt/Indie: Antigen Records, Boy Cried Wolf, Gulp, I Like Trains, Left With Pictures, Sink Ya Teeth, Spring Offensive, SuperGlu, Travis Waltons, Pete Williams

Film/t.v.:  The Artful Corporation, Al Boorman, Buffalo Temple, Adrian Corker (Tin Star), Garry Judd


Featured Engineers/Producers:

Rollo Armstrong (Ark), Bugs (Half-ton, Cambridge), Gaz Coombes (Oxford), Ofer Eshed (Janis, Israel) Richard Formby (Bryn Derwen), Dan Hawkins (Leeders Farm), Donncha Moynihan (Rise Studio, Cork), David Pye (Norwich), Reed Ruddy (Studio X, Seattle), Tom Tedesco (New York), Simon Wallace (London), Angus Woodhead (Glasshouse, Queensland)




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