Philosophers Barn Mastering

Specialist analogue audio mastering facility for Classical, Electronica and Jazz.
Highly skilled audio professionals and state of the art analogue and digital audio equipment.
PBM mastering enhances textural clarity; adds warmth; and creates a tonal balance and sense of space opening the finest musical detail. “Textures and Tones”

Analogue Mastering
for digital or vinyl

Mastering to unlimited hi-res File for Vinyl Cutting
Mastering for CD, including ISRC, CD-text and DDPi
Mastering for WAV, FLAC, MP3 or Apple Loss-less formats

mastering for
mixing engineers

Bespoke one day mastering course for experienced mixers
Working with you and your mixes at Philosophers Barn.

nuance Re-Mastering
for classical and jazz

Specialised analogue remastering of digital sources
to high-resolution digital masters.
Classical re-editing, restoration and noise reduction

Recently Mastered at Philosophers Barn

“What I really like about Eric’s masters is that they sound exactly the same as my mixes – but very much better.”

Rollo Armstrong

Mastered at Philosophers Barn:

Dido Still on My Mind
Faithless – All Blessed
R Plus Last Summer 
R Plus (New Album Soon)

“I’m so happy I found Eric, more than just doing a top level job on the mastering, his insights and guidance have made me a better mix engineer.”

James Holden

Mastered at Philosophers Barn:

James Holden Animal Spirits
James Holden Imagine This Is A High-Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities
Leafcutter John Yes! Come Parade With Us
Luke Abbott Translate

“Eric James has Diamond Ears,”

Talvin Singh

Mastered at Philosophers Barn:

Once Again (Film Score)
Awakening (Single and Video)