For mixing

  • Individual, one-day, hands-on Mastering Courses at Philosophers Barn
  • The whole focus is on your own mixes + PBM technology and know-how.
  • Conducted by Eric James, Senior Mastering Engineer and University Educator.

Expanding the Mixing

The economic reality of the music business means that Mix engineers are increasingly being asked by clients to offer basic mastering for their mixes.
Understandable: when the band kitty has its limits the mix engineer faces a choice: hand their mixes over to an unknown, cheap, mastering engineer or to learn to do the mastering themselves.

We’d like to offer a little help to mix engineers who want to learn how to master more knowledgeably, more comfortably and more effectively.
Effective knowledge: Not tips and tricks.

Hence PBM M4ME. .

M4ME Process

The M4ME session is based on mixes which have previously been mastered at Philosophers Barn - approved and paid for in the usual way.
The one-day M4ME session at the PBM mastering facility in Norfolk is then usually booked for soon after the project is finished.

The sessions are tailored to the individual, so there is some minor variation in cost which is is based our standard studio rate for 6 hours

The day is split into 2 x 3hr sessions (typically 9-12 then 1-4pm)
.There are a range of early-bird discounts in place.

Expanding the Mixing

Mix engineers possess a skill-set based on a certain musical perspective. Mastering engineers rely on and augment some of those skills, modified to be used from their different perspective.

New perspectives means new ways of listening which can lead to the development of new skills.


PBM at Croft Farm

The PBM facility is housed in one of a number of converted outbuildings at Croft Farm - the PBM Lounge is in another, larger, converted Barn

. We’ll provide refreshment in the lounge during session breaks (we have an Astoria Divina vintage espresso machine which makes divine coffee) and something like a modest vegetarian lunch.

For further relaxation, if you like dogs, we have five huge hairy deerhounds of various ages and energy levels: they are the most people-friendly dogs on the planet and are guaranteed to reduce blood pressure and respiration rate - an essential part of my normal mastering process..