nuance: classical and Jazz remastering

  • Analogue remastering to high-resolution digital masters
  • Remastering focus on optimal sound quality
  • Noise reduction and restoration
  • Classical Fine editing
  • Highly Cost-effective Catalogue Refreshment

What is Remastering?

In some circles remastering has a bad name. It was used to ‘refresh’ classic pop and rock recordings from the 60’s and 70’s, and sometimesin the process of making them louder and brighter - to fit the contemporary ideals from earlier this century - it destroyed their sound and character.

But ‘remastering’ is simply a technical term: a new mastering of a stereo mix that has either been previously mastered, or in the case of early digital classical recordings, never been mastered before.

The sole aim of Nuance Re-Mastering
is to fully optimise the sound quality.

Four nuance re-mastering elements

There are four main elements to the Nuance approach.

We will increase clarity and atmosphere to enable a better delineation of musical lines and to re-naturalise musical textures lost in early digital recordings. Early direct-to-DAT recordings especially benefit enormously. We can then restoring the natural dynamics of a recording (early recordings were sometimes over-compressed).

We can also offer noise reduction of various kinds - both background noise and performance related (piano pedal thumps etc). And because of the techniques we use, we can offer higher-resolution masters which easily sonically outperform merely upsampled masters.

The Next Step

This is only the bare bones of the Nuance Re-Mastering service. Please contact Eric on 07920 462686 or e-mail:
with any queries or to discuss your requirements and the range of early-bird and multi-project discounts we have in place.

introduction to nuance re-mastering

Nuance Re-Mastering is a highly cost-effective way of revivifying dormant elements of a back catalogue for re-launching e.g. on streaming platforms,

At Philosophers Barn we can re-engineer any classical or jazz project to fully optimise the sound and deliver genuinely higher-resolution master files for streaming.

There are no material costs involved, and no overheads for recording, mixing and production.

state of the art mastering tools

Nuance Re-mastering was not really possible even five years ago. But in the last few years digital audio processing has taken leaps and bounds in achieving finesse and transparency.

We use the very best digital tools for our mastering. We also use the very best analogue tools - designed and built by classical musicians. These are not in any way fuzzy, but clear and detailed and timbrally complete.

The Re-Mastering director has a distinguished 25-year record as a classical engineer e.g. for ASV, Black Box,Decca, SOMM and Sony, as well as for many independent musicians.
Recent mastering work with contemporary classical composers include: Richard Allain, Kim Arnesen, Leo Chadburn and Umitaro Abe (with the NHK Orchestra)